Monday, October 3, 2016


(most) women will have a once-a-month-inevitable scheduled pain. Pain is something our brain regard as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience. (Emotional, ok~). Hence, when one had to deal with it for at least 3-4 days, while bleeding continuously for at least 7-8 days, daily task as simple as smiling will become unbearable. I applaud and bow with recognition for those wonderful women, who manage to secure their roaring pain and thunderous emo intact. Not an easy task, tsk tsk... But sometimes their professional attitude made me sort of a weirdo and psycho, just because I refused to shield my emo and just unleashed my boiling irritability, haha.

This is a taboo subject. At least for the male population. (sigh! well, what do you guys know~~) . But for women, it is an unavoidable topic. Most women would nod in concurrent agreement, giving gentle shoulder tap and warm embrace to their suffering fellow ; a gesture of understanding and deep empathy.

Since that kind of pain can be too much to handle, sometimes we seek for various methods to sooth it up. Some use home remedies, traditional tips, and most conveniently, modern medicine. There are people who are too paranoid of drugs' side effect, that they didn't use anything, so called to be natural and chemical free. They end up battling the pain alone, praying that time will pass and sleep will make the pain subsided.

When I was studying clinical pharmacy in Egypt, I once asked my professor, what did she do or take to be relieved of menstrual pain? She struck me as someone who disapproved modern drugs (despite of her job), so  I reckon she avoided taking pain relief or any sort of drugs, but I was wrong. 

She said, "Why would you distress yourself in trying to held the pain? Just take Mefenamic Acid or Acetaminophen, and everything will be ok. Why put your job and daily life in a taxing condition? "

Oh, that was sooo right Dr.  hehe. Sometimes people think, to be natural and chemical free, we should keep away from any sort of drugs and chemicals. But in doing so, we exposed our self to self harm and unnecessary pain. Hurm, is it worth it? I dismiss the idea that, all chemicals are bad. Hellooo.... the sour taste you tasted while eating a lemon is chemicals. Pffttss....

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